1.1 Post Jam Release

To address many of the concerns listed from friends and from the comments gifted by the community I have changed a few things for a more polished release.

I added an options menu with rebindable keys, volume sliders, and changeable sync to the music. These are all saved over closing the program. I fixed the game over crash and added a few more polishing touches to the game over and win screens. The main menu now has a high score and a challenge to beat the game without dying. Every time you die your health increases but your ability to make score decreases.

I overhauled how you hit notes so now it is a 4 note separate system like Guitar Hero or Stepmania. The hit register has been moved back a bit to account for the speed of the notes. The starting section of the song is now easier and allows for better building up of health. The notes now fade out when you hit them and missed notes change into missed notes and fade out. I also changed around the arrangement to better fit some of the beats of the song.


CoreyHouse.zip 32 MB
Jul 20, 2020
CoreyHouse.exe 45 MB
Jul 20, 2020

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