A downloadable game for Windows

Try to escape the house while jamming to the music! Don't let Corey's shadow ghouls catch you!

Keys are rebind-able in the options menu:

K - Pink Note
J -  Blue Note
F - Green Note
D - Purple Note

Sync 0-9 (higher if you hit early, lower if you hit late)

If you go back to the main menu and start a new run after you die, you will gain 10 more health but lose 10% of score gain. This continues till you can't gain score.

Your high score, key binds, and music volume will persist after you exit the game in the options.ini file.

Coding: Scott
Additional Coding: Dylan
Art: Madison
Music: John
Sound: Jacob

Install instructions

The preferred method is to download the zip as you do not need to install anything to your computer.

Zip file: Download the zip file and unzip it to its own folder. Go inside that folder and run CoreyHouse.exe

Installer: Download the exe file and launch the exe. It will bring you through an installation and then you can launch it from a shortcut.

(Note: you may have to go into task manager to shut it down as the program doesn't always clean up after itself.)


CoreyHouse.zip 32 MB
CoreyHouse.exe 45 MB

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